• Equivalent to: T.U.
  • Duration: 2 years (4 Semester)
  • Credit: 70 Hrs
  • Mode: Regular/ Full time
  • Internship: Final semester in Nepal/ Malaysia
  • Credit Transfers: USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia & Malaysia

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a 2 year, 4-semester, 70-credit program structured and built to produce senior-level managers. The MBA course is designed for mid career professionals whose careers and management responsibilities transcend a single functional specialty and require a broad array of specialized knowledge and skills. The emphasis of this interdisciplinary, integrated, and applied program is on significant organizational and management processes that take place in the context of large public or private institutions doing business on a global scale. The focus is on graduates who have developed the self-reflective mindset, the analytic mindset, the collaborative mindset, the worldly mindset and the action mindset.

This program is ideal to career shifters, second degree students, and professionals seeking occupational and entrepreneurial employment. MBA graduates will be able to acknowledge the broad dimensions and content of the different academic fields of Business Administration as well as understand the key theoretical concepts and significant issues. MBA graduates can read critically, analyze and apply academic and professional knowledge so that they can prepare themselves for more advanced studies through Doctor of Business Administration or Ph.D. Ultimately they can progress their career from executive positions to middle and senior managerial posts in the private, public and government sectors.

The program includes instruction in subjects such as Statistics for Managers, Strategic Management, Leadership and Organisational Effectiveness, Business Research Methodology and Internship Project (industry based). There are core modules, some minor modules and elective modules too.

Course Structure and Assessment

NBC operates on annual calendar for MBA as well as BBA. All courses on both programs have a regular mode, i.e., you will have regular teaching in the college premises as per the university semester syllabus provided through the Lincoln Learning System (LLS). And, students will also have access to online library and the University announcement. The university can provide visiting faculty from Malaysia as per the need of the college or when the college demands so.

The examination will be conducted and monitored by Lincoln University College, in presence of the representative endorsed by Lincoln University College. To successfully complete a subject/module, the student has to achieve pass marks in both internal assessments as well as final examination.


  • Completion of at least 15 years of formal study with Bachelor’s Degree in second division or equivalent.

Selection Procedure

  1. Written Entrance Test
  2. Group Discussion & Interview

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Semester I

#SubjectSub. StatusCr.Hrs.
1Business Accounting & FinanceCore4
2Business EconomicsCore4
3Human Resource ManagementCore4
4Managerial CommunicationsCore4
5Business Environment AnalysisMinor2

Semester II

#SubjectSub. StatusCr.Hrs.
1Business Research MethodologyCore4
2Operation ManagementCore4
3Marketing ManagementCore4
4Organisational BehaviourCore4
5Consumer BehaviourMinor2

Semester III

#SubjectSub. StatusCr.Hrs.
1Strategic ManagementCore4
2Retail ManagementMinor2
3Financial ManagementElective4
4Entrepreneurship ManagementElective4
5Sales & Promotions Management Elective4
6International BusinessElective4
7Internship Project
(Industry based)

Semester IV

#SubjectSub. StatusCr.Hrs.
1Banking & InsuranceElective4
2Customer Relationship ManagementElective4
3Conflict Management & Negotiation SkillsElective4
4Management of DataCore4
5Business EthicsCore4
6Graduate Research ProjectCore4

NoteSemester III – Core + Minor + any 2 from Electives

Semester IV – Core + any one from electives

Subject ClassificationCreditPerc. %
1Major Modules5274.29
2Minor modules1825.71
 Total Credit Value70100
MBA In Brief
Duration : 2 years
Total Credit: 70 credit hours
Semesters : 4 semesters
Attendance : more than 75% of class sessions
Internship : Yes(Industry Based)
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Group Discussion
  • Audio/Video tutorials
  • Industrial Visits
  • Audio/Video tutorials
  • Case Study
  • Guest Lectures
  • Project Work
  • Industry/Business House Internships
  • Classroom Instruction


  • Quiz/Tutorial Questions
  • Multiple-choice Exams
  • Mid Term and Final Term Papers
  • Assignments