Dr. Bhesha Pd. Dhamala
Founder Chairman

-Nepal Business College

Message from Founder Chairman

“WTO agreements have made the world wore open and have also made the expansion of global education much easier and relevant.”

Developing countries are lagging behind in many respects not only because they have less capital but also because they have less knowledge, which in turn has adversely affected the efficiency, competitiveness and marketability of the young people living in these countries. Notwithstanding this, young students and their guardians living in countries like Nepal are more attracted to the academic institutions of the advanced countries.

In fact, every year, a huge amount of money is flying abroad from developing countries ultimately bringing about a more serious problem of brain drain. With a view to removing such hurdles of development we have to give emphasis on better educational opportunities to young impressionable youth by setting up competitive academic institutions within Nepal. Moreover, knowledge can easily travel the world, enlightening the lives of people everywhere. Further, WTO agreements have made the world more open and have also made the expansion of global education much easier and relevant.

Taking into account all these considerations an attempt has been made in establishing an academic institution affiliated toLincoln University College (LUC), Malaysia as an Overseas Learning Centre to run its MBA and BBA programs and to provide youngsters an opportunity to earn international MBA and BBA degrees by studying at Biratnagar in Nepal.

I am very much pleased to invite promising students and their respective parents and guardians to avail themselves of the golden opportunity of getting the prestigious degree in Biratnagar.